Do More With Pushed

During this summer the Pushed development team has been pretty busy building cool stuff. This is the new features you can find now in Pushed (and other previous exciting stuff):

  • Push Analytics: Track your users engagement and access to who, when and how many times your notifications are being opened and shared.
  • Schedule Notifications: Set the delivery date & time to send your notifications. Our servers will take good care of the shipment keeping you updated.
  • Rich Notifications: Pushed notifications allows multiple content options: attach links, images/videos that will be properly displayed on Pushed app clients (iOs, Android and Browser).
  • QR Subscriptions: Take advantage of QR Subscriptions Codes and embed it on your site so your audience can easily subscribe to your notifications.
  • Pushed API: Pro User? We got your back. Pushed offers a Rest API so you can easily integrate your thing with Pushed.
  • Wordpress Integration: Pushed Official WordPress plugin allows you to send push notifications to iOs, Android and Desktop devices using Pushed application, every time you publish a new post. The plugin integrates your WordPress blog with your Pushed app. It’s completely free.

We want to build a useful service for users and developers, that’s why we wanted to let you know that if you require further integration with your project, contact us and we will be happy to help. We also accept new features requests we will try to add to our work pipeline.

The Pushed Team


If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the documentation, please contact us.