Enforcing Private Subscriptions

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It's been a while since Pushed is around. One of the things we enjoy the most is to see how our users use the platform for very different purposes. Within that usage, we become aware of different visions and needs, so today we'd like to talk about the subscription process and some changes we implemented to adapt it to your needs.

As you may know, in order to receive push notifications you must be subscribed to a Pushed app or channel. The subscription process is quite easy, click on the subscription link or accept a subscription invitation and you're ready to go. 

But privacy is always important, so that's why you can choose whether you'd prefer users to freely subscribe to your app or channel or restrict the subscription to certain users. In Pushed, we refer to the latest kind of app as "private app". Basically, what private means is that they don't appear on the public search within Pushed clients (iOs, Android and website). If the app is private then a user can't find you on the public search. Then, you might be asking yourself, how would they subscribe to my apps or channels? Easy: By using the public subscription link. The public subscription link is the tool to use when you want someone to subscribe to your channel directly.

But there was a downsize to this method, as whether the app or channel was public or private, the public subscription link always worked. We've fixed that. 

Now, you have the possibility to enable or disable the public subscription link. This means that your application will be fully private by default, no one can subscribe unless you enable the public subscription link. And even when enabling the public subscription link your app will still remain private if that's how you'd want it to be.

This feature gives you the ability to fully control the subscription process, allowing you to adopt more flexibility and a deeper level of customisation.

We're working on some cool new features to expand the possibilities so all of our users can improve the integration with Pushed and their systems.


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