Introducing Members Only Subscription

Hello there!

Here at Pushed we all hope you’re enjoying summer so far. Our development team has also enjoyed the beach for a couple of weeks but now we are up and running for new and exciting features we want to share with you.

September will bring major announcements to our platform, all of them very good news regarding a partnership with a major actor on the Internet Of Things and new features (most of them requested by our customers) for Pushed.

Today we want to talk about our new and shiny feature Members Only Subscription. This new option allows you to create Pushed sources (apps and channels) that only invited users can subscribe to.

The flow is quite simple, you create a list with the only users you want to allow to subscribe to your source. Once you’ve created the invitation, the user will receive a subscription email. If the user is already a Pushed member, he will also receive a push notification that will inform about the invitation. They just have to accept it, et voilà!

To review your subscribers, a new Only Members Subscribers tab has been placed in Manage Subscribers page. From there you will be able to see who accepted and subscribed to your invitation.

Manage Subscribers option under your Pushed app has been completely redesigned to offer more flexibility on Subscription Management. That involves plenty of new options to make your Pushed apps more manageable (subscription related).

In this new section there are 3 new tabs: Subscribers, Only Members Subscribers and Pending Invitations.

  • Subscribers tab shows a list of already subscribed users and also offers the possibility to unsubscribe a user.
  • Only Members Subscribers tab shows a list of users that have been invited to subscribe to your Pushed app and have accepted. This tab is active while Members Only option setting is enabled in your Pushed App settings page.
  • Pending Invitations tab allows you to see a list of people that have not accepted your invitation yet. From this point you can also send invitations using the “Invite a New User” button. This tab is active while Members Only option setting is enabled in your Pushed App settings page.

Enabling Members Only setting is really easy, just toggle the switcher in your App Settings page:

* Manage Subscribers new features requires a paid plan.

Of course, if you have any question regarding subscription management, do not hesitate Contacting Us.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the documentation, please contact us.