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It’s Xavi, founder of Pushed. It’s been a while since I wrote a few lines here, but it’s always a pleasure to do so.

Today I wanted to give some reasons about one thing we’ve been trying to avoid since we launch Pushed and we will finally implement: strict registration policy

As a startup, on of the main goals is to grow up. This days is all about that, and do it fast. Although I’m not completely aligned with this fact, it would be false to say that here in Pushed we do not pursue also that goal. However, there is a lot of nuances behind that common idea. Pushed is not a common service, it’s technological concept attracts people more involved in technology, so it will be honest to say that we are not mainstream. Yet. :)

Still, numbers has been pretty good since we launch (Jul 6th, 2014). In fact we were surprised by them in some occasions. Few months ago, we started increasing metrics and analysing carefully what users do with Pushed. Of course Spam has always been there, but it wasn’t a problem.

As the platform gets bigger (by average we’re sending +-25.000 notifications per day), development team faces new challenges, all of them exciting, but we discovered an increasing number of users that were signing up using Disposable Email Accounts (DEA). This is far away from being a surprise, we also use this mail accounts when we not feel truly safe while registering a service, app or whatever. But, our aim is to build a trustful service, both for users and developers and by letting completely anonymous accounts sign up in our service we jeopardize the entire system.

So that’s why we decided in our latest team meeting to implement a simple check to prevent DEA addresses to sign up in Pushed. 


Some may say that we will probably loose new registrations, and we are aware of that, but we prefer a small decrease in registrations than an increase in Spam problems. Also, terminating an account in Pushed is really easy (just go to your Account Settings and press the bug red button), so users can feel free to sign up and terminate their account if the service does not satisfy them or any other reason.

See you around, remember that next Monday we will be in the Atlassian User Group event.



Pushed Founder


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