Pushed for iOs v1.5 Release Notes

What’s New in Version 1.5

Add full-control modal webview (back/forward navigation + URL title)

We implemented a new modal window to visit URL related to notifications. This new window allows the user to move back/forward and the URL to be shared at any time.


Add Whatsapp sharing option

We added “Share to Whatsapp” option in the Share view. Due to Facebook new policy, we removed share to Facebook until we develop a custom integration with Facebook SDK.


Unsubscription from “Pushed News And Updates” bugfix

User can not unsubscribe from Pushed News And Updates because it’s the channel that the service use to notify relevant notifications to the user. When trying to unsubscribe from this source, the UI didn’t alert the user that unsubscription can’t be completed because of that, now a proper alert message is show to the user.Add “archived” and “non-public” app status support.Timeline performance improvements.

Add “archived” and “non-public” app status support

When searching for archived or non-public apps or channels, some notifications produce access error because this status were not properly handled. Now all of this actions comes with information about why this app can’t be shown.

Timeline performance improvements

The latency of recovering from background mode has been largely improved by optimising API calls and compressing large response. Now it takes half the time to fully load the app when returning from background after a period of inactivity.

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