Pushed in the Real World: Zombie Detecting Smart Security Owl

It’s been a while since our latest post here in our blog. We mainly used it to announce technical announcements and few more things. This is going to change dramatically, and today we want to announce a new series called “Pushed in the real world” where we will showcase real applications of Pushed of people not related to use that uses Pushed to make incredible things.

This week we would like to feature T3ch Flicks channels both educational and funny video on “how they put a super spooky twist on a mundane household classic: the security camera”.

In the video, they will show you how to make a night vision owl which uses image processing to track people. Once they track down someone, the owl will send you a notification through Pushed to let you know someone is there!

As they say: “If you want to keep an eye out for approaching zombies on Halloween or just check your garden the rest of the year-round, this is the one for you. Security doesn’t have to be boring to be effective!

Here you have full instructions on how to do it yourself:


Hope you like this project, this is exactly why we built Pushed, so users can have a very simple way of getting notifications without the hassle of developing an app!

See you in the next edition of Pushed In The Real World!


If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the documentation, please contact us.