Register Desktop Devices

Hi there! How are you?

We’re great, thanks for asking :) Today we want to give you some instructions on how to receive Push Notifications on your desktop devices. That basically means receiving Push Notifications in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

We updated the process a few days ago because his technology is so new that we had a few bugs in the past, but during last weeks we have completely rewritten the code that registers and handles Push Notifications in those browsers.

Steps for registering your browser and receive Push Notifications are pretty easy.

1.- Open your Pushed Account and click on the screen icon near your user and click on Register Current Browser:


2.- The browser will ask for permission (depending on the browser the prompt will look different):







If you want to stop receiving notification you can go to your account timeline and unlink the desired device.

That would be all for today! Stay tuned for new features in the upcoming days :)


If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the documentation, please contact us.