Send Push Notifications
Without Developing Your Own App

Pushed allows you to send real-time notifications without developing your own to iOs, Android and Desktop devices.

Sending push notifications can be a tricky endeavour on any platform, with Pushed you can avoid all of the hassle. Reaching users for any purposes is easy peasy with Pushed API and lets your web, mobile app, mashups, custom script, and anything else you can think of to send notifications to yourself or millions of users. No custom code is required, as every modern programming language has built-in HTTP libraries to reach Pushed.

curl -X POST -s \
  --form-string "app_key=your_app_key" \
  --form-string "app_secret=your_app_secret" \
  --form-string "target_type=your_target_type" \
  --form-string "content=Your notification content." \
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Apps, Channels & Subscriptions

Pushed workflow is based upon three concepts: Subscriptions, Apps and Channels. Apps are the authors of the notifications. Channels are individual targets that belongs to applications. Users can subscribe to your Apps and Channels freely (if you make it public).

No coding required

Pushed does not require any coding. If you simply want to reach your users by sending push notifications, Pushed is your solution, share with them your subscription link and the magic will happen. The control panel will guide you in the process.


Extended Integration

Pushed wants to completely integrate with your services, that's why we developed external authorization access. This feature offers a simple way to interact with a single user by asking permission to the user in order to send notifications in the futures.

If you're not a developer contact us and we will be glad to help.

QR Subscriptions

Take advantage of Pushed QR Subscriptions and embed it on your site, magazine, invoice or any other digital/paper support so your audience can easily subscribe to all your notifications.

We provide you all the resources. Subscriptions has never been that easy!

Comprehensive Analytics

To track your users engagement over time and the effect of push notifications, Pushed provides a number of hooks for you to get a glimpse into the ticking heart of your notifications: full access to who, when and how many times your notifications are being opened and shared.

Rich Notifications

Pushed notifications can contain multiple metadata options in order to show different options. Links, images and videos can be easily attached and they will be displayed properly on Pushed clients.

State of the Art Control Panel

We built a beatiful and complete control panel so you can squeeze all of Pushed possibilities without wasting any second.

Sending notifications, scheduling notifications, reviewing shipment analytics, browsing notifications history, viewing application statistics, setting up webhooks... and much more can be done inside it!

Schedule Notifications

You can schedule notifications with the Control Panel or use our API to schedule the shipment. Our servers will take good care of your shipments keeping you up to date.