Pushed Service Maintenance 2016-10-22 23:00 UTC

Hello there!

Start: 2016-10-22 23:00 UTC

End: 2016-10-23 01:00 UTC

During the above window, the Pushed Development Team will be performing system upgrades on the Pushed network. This work is to increase capacity and throughput for the Pushed service.

Expected Impact:

We expect the impact of this change to be minimal; however, you may experience short periods of latency lasting 1 to 2 minutes while traffic is rerouted.

Do not hesitate to contact support if you have any additional questions or concerns, you may do so by opening a ticket, or replying to this email.

Pushed Development Team

Introducing Welcome Message Notification

Hello there!

It’s september and novelties keep coming for Pushed. Today we want to talk about a small but nice new feature called Welcome Message Notification. As you may imagine, this option allows you to send a default notification every time a user subscribes to your app or channel in Pushed. That’s it, simple and easy.

By default your previously and new created apps and channels will have empty Welcome Notification, so in case you want to enable this feature you just have to add your desired message.


You will find Welcome Message option in your app/channel settings. This feature requires a paid plan.


Xavi, Pushed Founder

Introducing Members Only Subscription

Hello there!

Here at Pushed we all hope you’re enjoying summer so far. Our development team has also enjoyed the beach for a couple of weeks but now we are up and running for new and exciting features we want to share with you.

September will bring major announcements to our platform, all of them very good news regarding a partnership with a major actor on the Internet Of Things and new features (most of them requested by our customers) for Pushed.

Today we want to talk about our new and shiny feature Members Only Subscription. This new option allows you to create Pushed sources (apps and channels) that only invited users can subscribe to.

The flow is quite simple, you create a list with the only users you want to allow to subscribe to your source. Once you’ve created the invitation, the user will receive a subscription email. If the user is already a Pushed member, he will also receive a push notification that will inform about the invitation. They just have to accept it, et voilà!

To review your subscribers, a new Only Members Subscribers tab has been placed in Manage Subscribers page. From there you will be able to see who accepted and subscribed to your invitation.

Manage Subscribers option under your Pushed app has been completely redesigned to offer more flexibility on Subscription Management. That involves plenty of new options to make your Pushed apps more manageable (subscription related).

In this new section there are 3 new tabs: Subscribers, Only Members Subscribers and Pending Invitations.

  • Subscribers tab shows a list of already subscribed users and also offers the possibility to unsubscribe a user.
  • Only Members Subscribers tab shows a list of users that have been invited to subscribe to your Pushed app and have accepted. This tab is active while Members Only option setting is enabled in your Pushed App settings page.
  • Pending Invitations tab allows you to see a list of people that have not accepted your invitation yet. From this point you can also send invitations using the “Invite a New User” button. This tab is active while Members Only option setting is enabled in your Pushed App settings page.

Enabling Members Only setting is really easy, just toggle the switcher in your App Settings page:

* Manage Subscribers new features requires a paid plan.

Of course, if you have any question regarding subscription management, do not hesitate Contacting Us.

Pushed Push Notifications plugin for Wordpress v2.0 Release Notes

It’s been a busy start of 2016, and we’re very excited about it. Few days ago we release Pushed v1.5 for iOs. This time the wordpress plugin gets new really cool features that all of our user will love:

Multisource Support

On of Pushed users contacted us to kindly request a new feature: to be able to select to which Pushed source (app or channel) he would like to send the notification to. So that’s why we did. Add a new option to Source selector called Multiple Sources:

With this new source enabled, the Pushed Api Key input will appear. Then you will need to insert your Pushed Api Key, you can find it in the Account Settings page (click here to get yours). Then click on the Verify Pushed Credentials button. If everything went ok you should see a green message saying “Credentials are valid :)”. 

Once you set up your credentials you will see the list of the available sources in the Pushed box:

Verify Credentials Option

In order to make the experience with the plugin better, you can now verify if the entered credentials are valid. This will avoid possible errors if the credentials were invalid while trying to send a push notification. This button must be clicked before saving the details in order to verify credentials before being saved.

I hope you all like this new features! Let us know if you need any help.

Pushed for iOs v1.5 Release Notes

What’s New in Version 1.5

Add full-control modal webview (back/forward navigation + URL title)

We implemented a new modal window to visit URL related to notifications. This new window allows the user to move back/forward and the URL to be shared at any time.


Add Whatsapp sharing option

We added “Share to Whatsapp” option in the Share view. Due to Facebook new policy, we removed share to Facebook until we develop a custom integration with Facebook SDK.


Unsubscription from “Pushed News And Updates” bugfix

User can not unsubscribe from Pushed News And Updates because it’s the channel that the service use to notify relevant notifications to the user. When trying to unsubscribe from this source, the UI didn’t alert the user that unsubscription can’t be completed because of that, now a proper alert message is show to the user.Add “archived” and “non-public” app status support.Timeline performance improvements.

Add “archived” and “non-public” app status support

When searching for archived or non-public apps or channels, some notifications produce access error because this status were not properly handled. Now all of this actions comes with information about why this app can’t be shown.

Timeline performance improvements

The latency of recovering from background mode has been largely improved by optimising API calls and compressing large response. Now it takes half the time to fully load the app when returning from background after a period of inactivity.

Download now Pushed v1.5 for iOs

Legit Registrations


It’s Xavi, founder of Pushed. It’s been a while since I wrote a few lines here, but it’s always a pleasure to do so.

Today I wanted to give some reasons about one thing we’ve been trying to avoid since we launch Pushed and we will finally implement: strict registration policy

As a startup, on of the main goals is to grow up. This days is all about that, and do it fast. Although I’m not completely aligned with this fact, it would be false to say that here in Pushed we do not pursue also that goal. However, there is a lot of nuances behind that common idea. Pushed is not a common service, it’s technological concept attracts people more involved in technology, so it will be honest to say that we are not mainstream. Yet. :)

Still, numbers has been pretty good since we launch (Jul 6th, 2014). In fact we were surprised by them in some occasions. Few months ago, we started increasing metrics and analysing carefully what users do with Pushed. Of course Spam has always been there, but it wasn’t a problem.

As the platform gets bigger (by average we’re sending +-25.000 notifications per day), development team faces new challenges, all of them exciting, but we discovered an increasing number of users that were signing up using Disposable Email Accounts (DEA). This is far away from being a surprise, we also use this mail accounts when we not feel truly safe while registering a service, app or whatever. But, our aim is to build a trustful service, both for users and developers and by letting completely anonymous accounts sign up in our service we jeopardize the entire system.

So that’s why we decided in our latest team meeting to implement a simple check to prevent DEA addresses to sign up in Pushed. 


Some may say that we will probably loose new registrations, and we are aware of that, but we prefer a small decrease in registrations than an increase in Spam problems. Also, terminating an account in Pushed is really easy (just go to your Account Settings and press the bug red button), so users can feel free to sign up and terminate their account if the service does not satisfy them or any other reason.

See you around, remember that next Monday we will be in the Atlassian User Group event.



Pushed Founder

Pushed Event: Atlassian User Group Barcelona (Monday, 30th, 2015)

Hi folks!

Next Monday, November 30th, our Founder Xavi will be present in the Atlassian User Group event in Barcelona to discuss about how Pushed integrates Atlassian’s HipChat to monitor different parts of it infrastructure.

Atlassian User Groups(AUGs) are informal meet ups to discuss all things Atlassian over pizza & beer. Learn more

Venue: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 334, Barcelona

Entrance is free, just register to the event to confirm your spot.

Pushed Event: Betabeers Barcelona (Wednesday, September 16th, 2015)

Hello there!

Just wanted to let you know, in case you are in the beautiful Barcelona on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015, that I (Xavi, Pushed Founder) will be in Betabeers introducing Pushed and doing a full demo on how to use it. 


In case you’re not aware, Betabeers is a community of developers who organize monthly meetings to share knowledge on technology and startups. It’s been growing a lot since the las few years and you can find meetings on almost every big city in Spain.

Entrance is free, all you have to do is register here.

The event will take place on Wednesday 16 September 2015, from 19:00 - 21:30. Full schedule is available here.

Address: Mobile World Centre: ​Carrer de Fontanella, 2, Barcelona, España.

See you all there!




If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the documentation, please contact us.